Shuttle (Shared-economic) Transfer Service
Shuttle transfer is a transfer type in which customers share vehicles with different customers. With the cost of car sharing and car sharing are becoming more economical price per person. Shuttle transfers about your hoverboard hours + - 1 hour can take place at such time. This transfer takes place without any quota because it is certain departure. So, even a 1 Shuttle Transfer als transfer occurs. Transfer means all our guests will go to our destination within the accommodation (houses, hotels, B & B ... etc) or they take it in turn to a point they said. for this service in destinations boundaries also requested an extra fee. All vehicles are air-conditioned and used in our transfers are comfortable with all national and international standards set by the relevant institutions. Airports guests will share our shuttle service vehicle movements are planned by aircraft landing times. Thus guests to the airport to wait until the arrival of the car's movement time period may occur. It sets up a maximum of 1 hour for our first ride guests waiting period instruments. There will be no extra waiting time for our last incoming guest. Last incoming guests transfer takes place when the ride vehicle. Number of pause by the number of passengers present in the vehicle may vary. Our operations staff transfers are planned in the most effective way possible.
The new Express Shuttle Service
Regular Shuttle transfer service with the same features is a transfer type in which only reduced the maximum number of stops 4. This transfer of our operations, our service team is designed in the best way, in general, they bring guests together with the same stop. In this way, the normal duration of the Shuttle Transfer service will be shortened and our guests will receive a transfer service, both economically quickly.
Private Transfer Service
Shuttle service for our guests who do not want our transfer service they requested a transfer to a private car assigned to them. Private transfer pricing per vehicle is based on the number of people on the basis of passenger cars from different tools are available to the coach. waiting time at airports is organized according to time of arrival of the aircraft is no guests private transfers. Private transfers are requested enroute guests are provided direct access to specification.
VIP Transfer Service
This service issues mentioned in our private shuttle transfers are executed with luxury vehicles is valid. Tools in leather armchairs, luxury flooring, high level of comfort is located multimedia facilities are provided.
Welcome Services
we provide all our guests at our starting and destination services of personnel aid are met, they are directed to a thousand vehicles. Providing access to the right tools is the easiest and fastest way.
Customer Service Call Center
Our call center to serve our guests serve 7 days and 24 hours. Please refer to our contact page for information about service numbers.

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