How can I book?

http://www.zgrtransfer.co online via our website or 0232 232 0947 0532 630 44 81 and can be booked by contacting us our No. contact information.

The tools are requested transfer service by using the search box on our home page on our Web site, you know the list. your departure and return dates to get the right price and the right tools options, and persons who are required to enter the area you want to transfer correctly. Listed on the screen after you select the type of selection of appropriate tools and guidance and can make your online reservation process by completing your request extra.
 08/18/2016 18:18:05

How many hours / days before the transfer should make my reservation?

You can perform exactly as your reservation at least 1 day before. After booking through our website will perform before this time from 6 hours are automatically rejected by the system. This is less than the remaining time of the emergency transfer your needs while you can perform 44 81 No. 0.53263 million a request our phone number.

 18/08/2016 18:21:10

How do I know your ZG Easy Transfer staff at the airport?

If you have information to meet your last name is your name in the hands of our staff in internal and external line-out or meet you specify where you will wait for you with a board that transmits the message. Apart from this, the phone also our staff and contact information are transmitted as SMS to you.
 18/08/2016 18:24:25

Is that your staff can move my stuff?

Our drivers are required by law to leave our car in the traffic environment. But they will help you in taking your belongings for your size will not cause any health problems for goods vehicle drivers in the baggage section up to the street where you are.

Our vehicles at airports for your request to be held in conjunction with our staff to meet in the parking lot where our driver where you stuff your car and go will also provide support for the move. We ask for the slightest discomfort that may occur to the human factor into consideration will forward the mail to inform the info@zgrtransfer.co my e-mail address and your support for the necessary sanctions. In addition, our company is audited by independent bodies.
 18/08/2016 18:29:24

Can I use your transfer immediately without a reservation?

You can not transfer without a reservation. But if you reach us by using our contact information and can request immediate transfer tools according to our availability.
 08/18/2016 18:32:54

Transfer when booking my contact information has changed my numbers wrong input or communication. How will you contact me?

Enter your contact information as a result of incorrect or change our contact with you is not possible. You will need to contact us before the transfer must in such a case. In case you specify the date and time you specify during the booking we take our place again. In addition, your flight number and flight information that you enter your correct if we would be prepared in case of a possible delay in the follow-up to download and follow your plane. Any flight code or disclosure 20 min wait time if not done in our vehicles. 20 min wait time will not be charged but can not be realized by you with the reason induced demand at the end of 20 minutes is considered as NO SHOW and the fee is non-refundable.
 08/18/2016 18:35:59

I will transfer with little baby. Do you have special seat for him?

You will be unable legally required to register your baby and your youngest child under 6 years of the standard car seat. I already do not recommend it any time. I hope you take your baby in your arms and never let the time of booking, please send your request will be made available the necessary extradan a baby seat for your baby if you become notes and NO SHOWS will be considered.
 18/08/2016 18:38:23

Blocking I / have impaired passengers. Do you have a special car for us?

Private vehicles are disabled. Do you have a disability or not falling within the keep disabled passengers should not happen, especially on behalf of difficulty.
 08/18/2016 18:39:10

I bought Shuttle transfers. What is the difference from other transfer of this transfer?

Shuttle transfer is a transfer service that gets transferred in common with our other customers have received the same tools as your transfer. Vehicle capacity is up to people and act with each client individually according to the itinerary released with deviations. According to other transfer it is transfer-stop time is a little long, it is quite logical in terms of cost.
 08/18/2016 18:40:26

Your Car Is it appropriate to carry pets?

Our vehicles are suitable for pet transport cage. Pets and cage can be to move all your pets with the condition. For large sized pets are also getting into the cage to pet our transfer vehicle. Pete transfer relevant because we have a different service is also need to communicate.
 18/08/2016 18:41:11

I want to send my kids alone. My children must be at least several years old?

For your children to travel alone must be at least 12 years of age and over.
 08/18/2016 18:42:00

My luggage a little more and / or my side I have a big property. Does the capacity of your vehicle will be enough? Can I pay the extra fee if enough matter?

Transfer capacity means that you have requested are available to you when booking. Average car trunk is in the form of 1.5 x Vehicle capacity. 4 people can take an average of 6 trunk of a vehicle. Luggage size luggage with you until you can get the number to exceed the vehicle capacity because there is no standard. When the trunk is full, you must take the shuttle with an extra car or larger vehicle.

Luggage, bags, umbrellas and so on. your luggage outside baggage (bikes, disabled cars, tents, large parcels etc.) You must specify an absolute reservation in the note.
 08/18/2016 18:43:23

Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay by credit card. We need to communicate to this method of payment you make when booking.
 18/08/2016 18:44:49

How do I get my pay my bill in advance.?

Your bills are cut according to the information we receive from you during booking. Payment in advance by e-mail, your address later by mail or by service personnel within your request that you take the shuttle is already prepared and delivered to you in person.
 08/18/2016 18:45:50

I'm a little late to the transfer clock I mentioned, I could not news. I have to pay extra charges?

There is a maximum of 20 minutes wait time if the transfer does not point to the specified time. During wait up to 20 minutes are not charged any fees.
 08/18/2016 18:46:57

I have to pay any fee other than the specified fees?

ZG except during transfer Easy Transfer specified in transfer fees and extras are not charged any fees.
 08/18/2016 18:47:49

May I cancel my reservation??

You may request cancellation of your transfer up to 24 hours. During this time, I Do cancellations are carried free of charge.
 08/18/2016 18:48:39

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