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The subject of this contract, the agent sells, the services specified in the terms of sale the following qualifications and the requirement of written, visual, telephone, and arranged for the sale of services in the electronic environment and covers the rights and actions of the parties.
Type Of Transfer: Car Type: Number Of Persons:
2.1. The contract price including VAT ....................TL. Passenger the amount of the contract ...................Has paid the amount of TL. The remaining ...................... At the completion of the transfer in the amount of TL has agreed to pay.
2.2. Private transfer service the contract in the specified route(s) requested outside of a different point of demands on the route and if beklemesiz included in the price, if it is not on the itinerary, to a different spot ...................... TL in the region are paid by passenger.
2.3. Enrollment agency notify the consumer if necessary the top can change with the type of vehicle The type of car A with. The customer does not agree to change this and obtain the refund of the fees paid if you cancel the reservation. In this case the customer will not have the right to compensation.
2.4. The travel agent with this document, to collect the number written below for the services I received on my credit card I'm delegating.
2.5. Invoices for services purchased, in accordance with condition V. U. K. editing time not to jump the month with 7 days including the date it was purchased.
Payment methods: Bank: Cash Amount: credit card: card No: Installment: installment amount: monthly general provisions
4.1. Although it has been the Agency all the necessary care, the service start or adverse weather conditions which pose an obstacle to the continuation, road blocks, strikes, terrorism, fog, war, the prospect of war, the transfer may be canceled or postponed due to force majeure and all unpredictable technical considerations. In this case, the passenger has no right to compensation.
4.2. Passengers are required to wear a seatbelt road traffic law.
4.3. Any liability regarding the luggage and its contents belong to the owner. Is obliged to comply with the laws and practices that apply to passenger vehicles.
4.4. It is forbidden to carry your pet in the vehicle. Responsibility of the traveler being special in their cages may be carried in the baggage compartment.
4.5. The passenger agreement, mail order, virtual POS, money order, or getting by with EFT, for any reason, not even the sign if the terms of a valid contract between the parties is learned through your Internet site or advertisements and the service have agreed to the terms written in the contract.
5.1. Passenger reservation cancel at least 12 hours prior to the service start time – may make changes. Passenger reservation in the record transfer/unless they use the service within 12 hours of the beginning of the service, or if she wants to cancel, no refunds cannot be made.
5.2. The passenger purchased a premium product for any reason, cancel, change and cannot be refunded.
5.3. Pending in last 30 min delay or for any other reason, the car waiting at the airport the necessity of the transfer of ZGR is eliminated. Made in advance of the planned transfer is considered.
5.4. The date and time of past bookings, cancellations and refund requests is void of any reference to the agent or to the Bank for.
6.1. That are not signatories of the Convention, however, the passenger service area Contract(s) to register their name in the appointee 3.persons are deemed to have accepted the provisions of this Agreement read and sign the contract with.
6.2. Once this contract has been drawn up in 2 copies and signed by the parties, contractual disputes, Act No. 4925 substances that is applied to Highway transportation. Istanbul courts and execution offices.

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